The characteristics of smart phones

Published: 25th January 2010
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1, with all of the features ordinary mobile phone capable of normal calls, text messaging and other mobile applications.

2, with wireless access to Internet capabilities, which need to support GSM or CDMA network under the GPRS network under the CDMA 1X or 3G network.

3, with PDA features, including PIM (personal information management), calendar notes, task arrangement, multimedia applications, browsing the web.

4, with an open operating system, in this operating system platform, you can install more applications, so that smart phones can be an unlimited expansion capabilities.

5, has a human side, can be expanded according to individual needs, the machine functions.

Inadequate: the price is relatively high, ease of use, poor novice needs to adapt gradually. I still be a little more to understand the computer people who had just received his smart phone are quite at a loss to study for a long time to learn how to install them one by one very envious of those applications. Can be desired but of those on the computers and mobile phones is not very familiar with a friend, if you want to Fun a smart phone, do not take the time to properly delve into studying is not enough, after all, today's smart phone is like a scaled-down version of the PC.

In fact, smart phones less easy to use interface mainly in mobile phones. An ordinary one phone number is in place to human cells, and 12 Palace Palace 9 grid interface that allows users to easily get started. The smart phone backward in here. But now Nokia S60 mobile phone is quite user-friendly interface, even without the difficulty of use of the Windows Mobile interface is also gradually improving. The real constraint is that the user or consumer prices in general should be higher than a large portion of non-smart phones.

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